[sub]conscious collection

The stress I felt during the summer before my senior year seeped into my dreams like an invasive species. For two months, I kept a dream journal, for which I would wake up at the same time each day and record my dreams from the night before. My fascination with the body's ability to try and make sense of stress through dreaming inspired my senior collection at SCAD, the [Sub]Conscious Collection.

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When creating custom prints for this collection, I wanted to transform traditional, suiting details into troupe l'oeil. I manipulated high-res scans of thrifted suits and digitally printed them on fabrics that could perform in ways that suiting could not. I loved the sense of humor in having a printed, larger-than-life lapel or gigantic, unexpected buttonhole on a garment.


Deconstruction of suit pants and re-purposing as a detachable accessory. I am intrigued by the idea of transformable evening wear that is versatile within a person's wardrobe...


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Photography: Angie Stong

Art Direction: Anthony O'Baner

Marketing: Olivia Brandt